Are You Tired Of Not Hearing Back From Your Leads?

Posted on April 2, 2015 · Posted in Blog

How often have you heard?

“Wow, sounds like there could be a lot of potential for our two businesses to work together. I don’t have anything at this time but call me back in a month and I’m sure we’ll have something for you.”Jump for Joy

Yay, you’ve finally connected with your dream lead! So what do you  do next, you wait one month and call your lead back as they  requested. You’re probably all excited that you’re finally going to  get an opportunity to work with your ideal client. What happens  next is probably no shock to you.

“Ring, ring, ring …… If you’d like to leave a message for XXXXX  please do so after the beep”


OK, so bad timing, you just caught them when they weren’t at their desk. So to be respectful and not appear too desperate, you wait a few days and try them again.

“Ring, ring, ring …… If you’d like to leave a message for XXXXX please do so after the beep”

This time you decide to leave a message.

“Hi, its XXX from XXXX, please give me a call back when you have a minute to speak”

You wait a few more days, and still no response back, how frustrating! So you try sending them an email.

“XXXX, just wanted to follow-up with you from the conversation we had last month. I was hoping you might have a minute to talk about the opportunity to work together….”deathofsalesman

Surely, they’ll respond eventually, right? So, a few more days go by and still no response. Well, maybe they’re on vacation, or just super busy with all of their day-to-day responsibilities. I’ll wait a few weeks and try them again.   The cycle continues: phone calls – no answer, voicemails – no response,         emails – no response, secretary – I’ll leave them a note. Suddenly you hot  lead isn’t so hot so more.


Is it time to throw in the towel and move onto the next lead? Certainly a lot of people probably do, but the one thing you’re probably not considering is how often your lead is getting bombarded with people and services just like yours. This is where a great sales person, with a great marketing campaign, can truly stand “head and shoulders” above their competitors.

In the digital age we live in we are constantly getting bombarded with emails, vm’s, phone calls, txt messages, Facebook messages, etc. It’s information overload, and there’s just too much to filter through. Our thoughtful emails and voicemails we left are just getting lost in the mix. To get noticed by your prospect/customer you have to give them a reason to call you back.

A great way to do this is through a custom designed direct mail piece. By the way, who doesn’t love receiving a package at work? It might just be the most exciting part of one’s day!

“Oh, look XXXX got a package, I wonder what’s inside?”

So, what it’s in this package? It’s a creative way to stand out to your customer. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch or promotional offer, just a simple I took a little extra time to get in touch with you, the least you could do is call me back and let me know where we stand.

Take a look at this example that the talented people at Tri-Cor POP created. With March Madness in full swing, they thought it would be appropriate to send a basketball themed mailer using the slogan, “GIVE US A SHOT”. When the Closedmailer is opened up, an imprinted basketball rolls out of the box and a basketball hoop, with court, is constructed. It’s a mini pop-a-shot. Again, on the inside it states, “GIVE US A SHOT”.

In addition to the basketball and hoop, the most important touch is that there is a hand written note inside personally addressed to that now “cold” prospect you’ve been trying to get a hold of.

Three Quater





Certainly, a piece like this is sure to catch the attention of your not so “hot” lead. It’s most likely floating around the office somewhere, probably in the hands of their CEO.

So, the next time you go to pick up the phone, or hit send on that email, take a second and consider are you even going to get noticed? A direct mail piece, like above, is certainly going to garner some attention from your “to-die for” prospects and leads. By no means is it guaranteed to score you any business but it certainly might “GIVE YOU A SHOT”!